An integrated and modular platform

RRun your logistics business on one IoT platform. Our cloud-based, event-driven SaaS platform provide the services and features that the supply chain market space has been asking for.

Customizable landing pages

No need to search for the data when we can push it to you.  Our ‘push methodology’ to your user experience means you see only the relevant information based upon your role in supply chain. 

Big Data

Analytics and metric-driven dashboards provide the data needed to answer the promise of increased operational efficiencies and insight for your ROI and on-the-ground supply-chain optimization.

  • Claims based  
  • Eco-Friendly, green-centric  
  • Fleet-wide real-time visibility 
    • ETA algorithms 
    • Route optimization
    • On-time reporting 
    • Pre-port FastTrack reporting

Event-based services

  • Gate in 
  • Gate Out 
  • Temperature deviations based on Hard Medium and Soft tolerances with upper and lower limits including:
    • API-fed 
    • SMS 
    • Email  
    • In-app push

Bringing the PaaS and the SaaS!  TrakAssure’s IoT cloud extends beyond our Software as a Service offering.  We have our own Platform as a Service, which guarantees the ability for our global team of agile developers to deliver customized, quick-to-market, secure and stable solutions.  Our customers can add cutting-edge features over time without risking technology obsolescence.