An integrated and modular platform

Run your logistics business on one integrated platform. A single and modular IoT enabled platform provides you with the tools to leverage the promised benefits of IoT. The TrakAssure platform lets you pick the right tools and APIs for today’s insights and foresights as well as flexibility and scalability for tomorrow. You will be able to add cutting-edge features over time without risking technology obsolescence.

Streamline global IoT deployments

Say goodbye to fragmented IoT solutions.

To achieve the right mixture of technologies for a next generation of IoT solution that is independent of vendors, network providers, and device types, you need an IoT platform built on a micro-services architecture. Our platform offers, unified infrastructure that connects network and device providers to the TrakAssure enterprise platform with secure data processing, integration, and workflow capabilities. 

Transform your operations with insight and foresight

Leverage powerful data intelligence to drive informed decisions and automation.

With the TrakAssure IoT management you can collect and analyze a variety of different supply chain IoT asset and cargo data in facilities, over the road, on rail, sea and air. Whether you are looking for insights to troubleshoot, taking predictive measures to optimize your supply chain or to avoid issues, the TrakAssure platform helps facilitate it all with its built-in capabilities.