Affordable Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure

LoRaWAN is the new leading IoT LPWAN solution that allows long transmission distances with modest and affordable infrastructure. This emerging standard uses free and unlicensed spectrum in the ISM band in almost every country around the world.

Until recently LoRaWAN has been restricted to regional usage at fixed frequencies, but with the advent of established standard for LoRaWAN global roaming, LoRaWAN is now emerging as the LPWAN IoT standard for the supply chain.

Global LoRaWAN coverage footprint is expanding exponentially, and public service is available from dozens of operators several of which today have full national coverage. Now LoRaWAN is taking a truly revolutionary step for everywhere-connectivity by integrating LoRaWAN gateways into low earth orbiting (LEO) satellite constellations. Using the cost-effective, low-powered LoRa device standard, sensors are now starting to send short IoT messages to satellite gateways.

LoRa allows simple and low-cost augmentation of the public network of license-free private gateways at point of origin to destination without reliance on the global cellular infrastructure that incur third party recurring fees. This combined with low-cost LoRaWAN sensors LoRaWAN now truly offers the first everywhere-connectivity low-cost supply chain IoT solution.

The TrakAssure LoRaWAN solution offers a combination of private, public and satellite based LoRaWAN gateways providing flexible and global connectivity options. TrakAssure’s world of sensors addresses all supply chain applications simply and affordably, regardless of whether it is on land or at sea.