In Transit

Cargo and asset real-time visibility everywhere

Real-time visibility is a key area for a functional supply chain. IoT devices can track everything from a shipment and cargo location to condition monitoring like temperature and shock providing real-time data that allow for both actionable insight and foresight. At TrakAssure, we make sure that your assets, pallets, and cargo is tracked regardless of your mode of transport.  

Transform your supply chain with insight and foresight

In the increasingly complex intermodal supply chain, cargo assets are moving largely unaccompanied between modes of transport with many different parties involved and hand-off points with limited visibility and control, making it very difficult to proactively identify and address issues as well as to obtain “a single version of the truth”.

Imprecise, after the fact and siloed information along the intermodal supply chain represents both barriers to efficiency and competitiveness. Sensors not only help address this significant supply challenge but are also becoming a requirement for digital supply chain management and competitiveness.

Improved visibility and sharing of real-time IoT data break down information silos and brings benefits to many different stakeholders — from better information to manage intermodal hand-offs like cargo arrival and pick-up time for shippers to more accurate and reliable information on supply chain asset utilization with many added benefits. 

  • Manage risk and protect brands through quality control
  • Optimize cost through automation 
  • Drive end-to-end supply chain compliance
  • Drive improvements through supply chain stakeholder collaboration
  • Track cargo, pallets, and assets globally in real-time
  • Mitigate transit risks by identifying high-risk routes
  • Eliminate supply chain blind spots
  • Evaluate and improve supply chain partner performance 
  • Ensure that time-sensitive customer expectations are managed

Beyond the near-term benefits of supply chain IoT, accumulating big data from cargo pallets and supply chain assets enable more automation, intelligent and proactive decision making, better planning and collaboration – and we are only just beginning to explore benefits.