In facility

Take inventory and asset management to the next level with IoT

As businesses automate supply chain facility tasks, they need accurate and immediately available data to power their automated systems. Whether it is for load location, ports and terminals, warehouses, distribution centers or customer locations, TrakAssure’s supply chain In Facility solution offers the expertise it takes to make complex IoT solutions as easy to manage as they are to use.  

Connect your facility for better insight and foresight

IoT automations in facilities have improved and streamlined the process of facility management systems enormously in recent years. Data from IoT enables algorithms, statistics, machine learning, and of course real-time visibility for better supply chain facility management. The benefits of IoT in facilities are many and include:  

  • On-time delivery
  • Cargo quality
  • Cargo returning, cancelation and rerouting process
  • Customer support
  • Better inventory management 
  • More efficient supply chain operations
  • Increase facility productivity