Full seamless API integrations

IoT data consumers generally need either a feature rich IoT platform or robust integration options to bring the data into their internal systems.  For the latter, the TrakAssure API evidences our enthusiasm to deliver your data, the way you want it.   

Our ‘processed-data’ API can model the data structures relevant to your internal business needs. AI and ML frameworks are also built-in to our API for advanced.


Conforms to the open-api-spec with Swagger and YAML support that make integration deadlines measurable in weeks instead of months.

Integration with Data Distributors

Project44 and 4Kites as well as other data distributors. 

Message Brokering 

  • MQTT 
  • RabbitMQ

Single API gateway

TrakAssure is integrated with most major LoRaWAN service providers globalizing our devices agnostic to your trade lanes: 

  • Everynet 
  • Semtech 
  • Senet 
  • TheThingsIndustries