About us

‘Shining a light’ on supply chain tracking and visibility for small, medium and large enterprises by delivering cutting-edge solutions founded on innovative business and IT methodologies.

A truly tailored supply chain visibility solution

As we navigate through the global pandemic, supply chain disruptions and unexpected events have increased and the need for visibility has never been higher.

With a combination of key industry relationships, specialized partners on land and ocean, we are offering a supply chain visibility solution that is truly tailored to your business.

Leveraging the use of specialized sensors, custom, private and public gateway infrastructure we build visibility across your supply chain.

Our IT Infrastructure utilizes a PaaS/SaaS architecture to deliver global supply chains with accurate, scalable and secure solutions that are tailored to each supply chain need.

From single trip non retrievable IoT solutions to semi or permanent infrastructure-based visibility, we provide the solutions and critical cargo and asset data to run supply chains more efficiently.

Our solutions are cost conscious, help to lower CO2 emissions and can be fully integrated via an industry leading robust API into your back-end systems giving you a full view of how your supply chain is operating.