Connecting the future of supply chain

Global supply chains are complex, and visibility fragmented. Now this major challenge can be addressed simply and affordably – customized to your needs

At TrakAssure we support and assist you every step of the way in the process of identifying your supply chain visibility network needs to deployment and post-deployment support. Our service does not stop there, we also make sure that you have the right sensors and that your data is delivered with the highest data quality, availability, and reliability standards.  To achieve optimal ROI returns, TrakAssure provides FAIR access to your data via our white-labeled enterprise-grade IoT platform or integrated to your existing systems via a RESTful API and/or Message Brokers.

Load locations

TrakAssure utilizes a mix of public, partner and private infrastructure to ensure seamless connectivity for your supply chain shipments. We track from Farm to Fork and from Manufacture point to Retail floor. We achieve this utilizing the most cost effective technologies in use today.

Ports and terminals

TrakAssure and their partners already have over 31 major port and terminal areas covered with the technology globally. We leverage this along with our own private gateways to ensure that your trade lane is covered and that the light shines brightly on your blind spots.


The ability to not only monitor but also provide location of indoor pallets and cargo, provides significant value to cargo owners and shippers alike. The infrastructure can be owned by the shipper or simply leverage public infrastructure depending on the location.

Over the road

Communications gateways installed on trucks that communicate to cargo sensors located in the trailers. The sensors now provide near real-time information over the road combined to provide real-time ETA’s and proof of delivery. In some instances LoRaWAN public infrastructure is leveraged allowing tracking and monitoring of cargo globally.


TrakAssure has teamed with a world leading VSAT company. With the addition of LoRa connectivity gateways to their communications channel delivering near real-time data from vessel and cargo sensors at sea. We address critical value propositions for both vessel owner operators along with all players in the global supply chain.


TrakAssure’s technology addresses key visibility challenges in the rail sector. Whether it is private gateways on locomotives that can monitor sensors for many kilometers for cargo inside rail wagons while leveraging public infrastructure and gateways in rail yards and key check points.


Full seamless API integrations

Unify your data between logistics, maintenance, sales, accounting and much more. TrakAssure is enthusiastic about integration and we are committed to making your IoT strategy successful no matter what systems you use.

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An integrated and modular platform

TrakAssure’s IoT platform leans on industry-proven architecture, design patterns and frameworks to deliver a truly enterprise-grade, scalable and performant cloud-based SaaS solution. 

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